Thursday, 24 October 2013

How Umar become Al-Farooq

We all have heard about the 2nd Calif of Islam "Umar Ibne Khittab (R.A) " .During his region Islam reached at its Peak.He lived as the head of Muslim state for 10 years and defeated the Invincible powers of that time like "Romans " and "Persians" .Umar (R.A) would differentiate between right and wrong,truth and false,just and unjust,Good and evil,Light and dark.and that is why he was given the title "Al-Farooq (The one who distinguishes between right and wrong) ".
Can you Imagine ? a Man who was one of the greatest enemy of Islam will become the greatest leader of Islam? A man who wanted to Kill Prophet Mohammad S.A.W and then he was buried next to Prophet Mohammad S.A.W (on left side). A man who was among the worst of Disbelievers and become the Best of Believers .A man who used to worship idols,living life full of sins,but then he trying to compete against the 1st of men who accepted Islam (Abu Bakr R.A) .
No doubt that after Prophets there will be no believer ever live on earth who will be more pious then Abu Bakr (R.A),No one can compete him, But you got to give credit to Umar (R.A) that he accepted islam after the 6th year of Revelation ,was the 50th person to enter Islam.Then become the only person who atleast tries to compete with Abu Bakr R.A ,who was the 1st among Men to embrace islam,who never ever in his life worshipped Idols,who was never the enemy of Islam and Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. And Umar R.A comming from full of sins and getting close to Abu Bakr R.A .
What was it that changed the life of Umar R.A ? The man who was on his way to Kill Prophet Mohammad S.A.W and then accepting Islam in his hands .it is true that Prophet Mohammad S.A.W made dua to Allah that Either "Umar " or "Abu jahil" enters Islam and Allah chose  "Umar R.A" to be the pillar of Islam.But Umar R.A was on his way to Kill Prophet Mohammad S.A.W and Saad Bin Abi waqas R.A( the 17th Person to accept Islam at the age of 17th) told him that you are going to kill Prophet Mohammad S.A.W ,while your own sister and brother in law has accepted Islam. So he went Home to confirm the news, and heard the recitation of "Quran" from outside the home.he entered and beat his sister Fatima and hit his brother in law Saad ibne Zaiyd R.A (he is among the 10 who were promised Jannah) so hard that he bleed.After coming to his senses Umar R.A asked them show me what were you reading,so they brought him the verses of Chapter "Ta ha " .When Umar R.A tried to read the 1st verse "In the name of Allah ,the most beneficent,the most merciful. " he put it aside as he never heard those words before and then once again he courage to read ,and after reading he said "so this is what the whole Markka is running from ? " he said to them take me to the Prophet Mohammad S.A.W ,i want to accept islam. The Question i want to ask here is ,We read Quran daily,but we dont take guidance from it,The one chapter of Quran,changed the whole life style of Umar R.A ,made him the devoted Muslim such that on the day of judgement he will be the 1st whose scales will be erected.and here us ,either our Quran is covered for ever in the cloth or we read it just on funerals but don't read it for Guidance.
May Allah guide us like he guided Umar R.A and give us understanding of the Quran .
Ameen !
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