Sunday, 2 March 2014

God is Love-ing :)

One of the Names of God is Al-Wadood,meaning "The Loving ".Christians people say God is Love. and yes he is,but here in Islam,it is making it Continuous.and by making it a Continuous tense "Allah is Love-ing". it is telling Allah doesn't love you once or twice or several times and then hates you.Now .He will always Love you.Now Question is How does Allah Love us ?

1. Forgiving.
 if you make a statement to some one "I Love You" you just dont say it "Hey i just met you and im in Love with you" you first prove your self, do something for your Love. And the most difficult thing to do is "Forgive".If you love someone and that some one makes a mistake,what do you do ? you forgive.In same way Allah is not just making a claim he is Loving,he 1st says "Im the Forgiving one " .

"And He is the Forgiving, the Loving" (Quran, 85:14).

So Allah tells 1st he forgives,and it is most difficult to forgive and then after forgiving ,loving right after it.And even forgiving has a limit.If some one comes and breaks your window for no reason you may find it hard but you will think ok i forgive,but what will you do if that person breaks your window again ? will you still forgive this person and love him the same? i don't think so i have to say the two letter word here.But Allah is the most forgiving.and the bet to be forgiven by him is simple ,seek Repentance( make a Tauba). and the deal here is amazing.If you seek forgiveness,not will he forgive your sins,but will turn your bad deeds into Good deeds.Such a bonus offer till your death.

God loves us more than the love of 70 moms.And thats the reason a scholar of islam once said" i rather have God as my judge than my parents".

2.Grieve is a blessing.

 You know the grieve and suffering we face is also a sign of his love ? To explain this ,lets take the example of the Devil,he is made from Fire and will be put in fire as a punishment. A bigger fire can kill the lighter fire. As a pep talk during workout they say "Kill the pain with the pain " In same way a grieve can kill the grieve.Allah made us and he knew how our grieves can be killed.

"So Allah repaid you with distress upon distress so you would not grieve for that which had escaped you"3:153(a verse about battle of uhud,where Companions were given the greater distress,the rumors of Martyr of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W )

3.Bounties of Allah 

It is his Love that right now I am writing this post and you are reading it.and say thanks to him for blessing of eyes through which you can see and read.If we love some one ,he give them gifts,and if that person doesn't say you thanks for the gift,will you still buy gifts?Imagine how much you are blessed will be like im blessed ? what are you kidding? I do not have iphone,i do not have a swimming pool,and my mother is in hospital,and blah blah ! but imagine what if the next day you wake up with the only things for which thanked God.And then we will start counting,Thank God for eye sight,for tongue,for ears,for health,for Mom and Dad,for letting me breath,and your day will be gone just by thanking Allah but the list of his gifts will not end and you will forget to say thank for somethings,and next day you will not be given those,and it will go on like this.So Lets thanks Allah for not taking away those things from us for which we never thanked him for and thank Allah more for giving us those things which we thanked for , at some point.

Thank You Allah for everything. :)
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