Monday, 9 September 2013

Eating Pakoray

Food , Food and lots of food from around the globe is all that I think about at night. And it frustrates me to bits how limited the items in my kitchen are when I need the cupboards to be over jammed with thousand types of pasta and everything french so I can cook to my heart's desire.
I have to admit. I am thinking to change the direction of career and maybe just as a part time thing open my own bakery or cafe or something whatever.
Uh- Which of course is a dream and I have to wake up. Give me a moment please.
------ *jerking my head*
Okhay! I think am up now. Lets get real, and talk about the local cuisine adventure I had in the kitchen back in Lahore.

I am not in the mood to share my recipe at the moment cause am getting late for my flight to Seoul and swim in korean culture, which reminds me , the plater used to serve the pakoray in the picture above is of korean design I believe. As I have a thing for photography I make sure the crockery I use in food photography is worth photographing. And I have got absolutely korean-ish small tea cups that I would love to show someday soon. Till then , have a great time exploring the world.

by Pervisha Khan

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