Saturday, 13 July 2013


Mornings have some real charm attached to them. They spark you up, bring you life and make you promise yourself that you will definitely complete the pending tasks you were supposed to finish up way way wayyyy earlier. 

That's me. Super lazy , super efficient and someone who was once a very dedicated blogger else where but now can't manage to post even once a week. I had given up on blogging some months back and that too over a very popular and a lovely blog. I had gotten bored and tired with the traditional routine of blogging , you know where you post, then wait for comments, then respond to readers and continue to entertain them until you loose interest. I lost interest likewise. And then not to forget the enormous burden of my mighty life upon my delicate shoulders, I was simply toasted hence disappeared from blogosphere. HOWEVER, a passion no matter what, can't be erased from your system if it brings you nothing but joy. So here I am, blogging once again over Life Above Zero after deleting the previous one. Although its Ramadan here, 3rd Fast and Alhamdulillah am fasting but am going to start posting from something which I photographed some 2 weeks ago to blog about. 

FOOD FOOD FOOD! oh my God, If it was not for the sake of doing other important things in life, I would have been a travelling chef  working with national geographic ,exploring new recipes, challenging my taste buds and making people happy sick with my cooking!

I am serious. I can cook. No joke. And I have a great friend who shares the same madness with me.

And here's something I often used to make for breakfast and evening snacks some 4 years ago but then I don't know why I didn't make it anymore. Its easy , mouth watering and chewy toast with cheese and sausages.

Here's what you need.

Just 2 bread slices, 1 Cheese slice, some cheddar or Mozilla cheese if you have it, and sausages. What I used instead of my Favorite Turkish sausages was a single meatball: boiled and frozen. I do make a lot of compromises and improvisations in the kitchen, trust me.

What you need to do is, slice up the meatball/sausages and lightly heat them. Then place the slice onto the non stick frying pan, sprinkle the cheddar or Mozilla cheese onto the slice (just enough to make the slice sticky) then place the cheese slice , on top of that put the sliced pieces of meatball, once again sprinkle the cheddar cheese on top and then place the other slice on it. Voila. You have prepared the layers and your  cheese slices are now ready to be toasted.

Keep the heat medium. Brush some oil on top of the slice and turn it over. then brush the other side of the slice and heat it till both sides are  light brown and crispy.

Ma ma miaaa! gobble it down with a glass of juice and burp like a king! 

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