Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Love and Coulomb's Law

Most of us have heard of Coulomb's law, and Charges.Charge is a property of a matter to attract or repel the other mater with a force. And Coulomb is a Unit of charge in honor of Coulomb who stated a law "Force of attraction or repulsion exerted by the charges is the product of the charges and it is Inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the charges" And its mathematical form is
F=k Q1*Q2/R^2

We have also heard about Electric Field which is the Force on a charge by the other charge.and Electric field lines tells us the direction in which the force is applied by the charge. And for the Positive charge it is radially outward and for the negative charge they are radially inward.

And if Some external force is Applied which is called Voltage, to separate the two charges or to change the distance of negative or positive charge with in the electric field limits that will increase the potential of the charge,which mean the charges will attract each other with more force and overcome the distance and will be together again.
Just Like Positive and negative charges, Love is the same between the two persons holding Coulomb's Law,If their electric Field lines are strong they will over come the distance between them or the differences between them. (I can very well feel this law in the shape of Nikkah, A kind of magnetic force bestowed between two charges to bind them together)And in Love one has to forget his existence and it just forms the shape of the other person become like a mirror,So in language of physics this is called negative of a vector meaning multiplying a  vector with -1.So the Person in love will become the negative charge,and will Follow the Positive charge,and if they get separated by some problems or fights,they will attract each other with much greater force .And the two persons hating each other is just like the same charges,No matter how much you try to bring them closer,they will repel each other.
So my dear future one! you are the positive to my negative charge,no matter where will you go i will be attracted by you.
Especially on 20th November as this date means alot to me.

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