Friday, 8 November 2013

Love is making Sacrifices

In Shreek part 1 there was a song "Hallelujah" ,and it had a verse "Love is not a victory march ,it is cold and broken Hallelujah". Well that's heart touching but its really emo ,in Urdu we will say filmy :P or "Love is evol,spell it backwards i must show you " said Eminem.
Love is nature.But sometimes in the journey of love we forget our selves who we were before,we feel sad and broken but before that we are lonely and empty.We say time changes,well time never changes and time will always be running with the same velocity faster than the light that is 299,792 k/m,actually we get change running and chasing the time.and at times Love does hurt but that's is why it is called "falling in love ".
The other person is not bad,and neither are you.Its like "Rose and Thorn",Rose saying to Thorn you are the ugly part of me and the Thorn shouting im the one who always protect you.Love is like "Kite and Thread"
they both cannot fly with each other.Some wise said "Love is not having peace with your partner but Love is not having peace without your partner "

 Love is not finding the perfect person but the imperfects loving each-other perfectly.
 it is like two persons sitting on a see-saw and making sacrifices with ups and down.
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