Friday, 1 November 2013

The one who can grant you Wish

We heard tales,Superstitions, myths and we believe in them.We have faith in them.If we see Aladdin,and will spend our lives in finding a magic lamp in which Genie is caged,free him,so he can grant us three wishes.Some will sell their souls  to devil,some will do black magic,some will go to palmist because he knows future.See some one making a wish while watching a shooting star,will spend the rest of life staring out the sky for shooting star.
And on the other hand,We have Allah (Meaning =who is worshiped ) /God .
Who can grant you everything,who can listen to your wishes and can grant you wishes not just 3,as many as you want,and has already given you so much.
"And if you should count the favours of Allah,You could not enumerate them " Quran 16:18.
And yet we will not thank him,not worship him.Try to find magic lamp that can grant us 3 wishes while Allah says
  I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me" 2:186
"Call upon me,i will answer you" (Sura Al-Mu'min, No.40, verse 60).

Will go to palmist and Soothsayer to know our future,But wont go to Allah ,who has created us and our future and who has the authority to change our fate.And to ask him a wish ,you don't need a shooting star or some superstition,you can ask him for wish any time ,any where,Because he neither sleeps nor forgets.He will instantly respond to you,if that wish is good for you,He loves you more than your mom,and he knows what is best and what is bad for you.And he loves your patience,if you are going through some hard time in life,it is to bring you closer to him,and if you have lost something or some one,just bear patience  because
"Indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by " 93:4  

Prayers are the strongest weapon of the believer,if you have a wish just make it with sincere heart,with tears in eye ,you can even make it right here right now.
May Allah guide us and grant us our good wishes .
Ameen :)
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