Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Islamic New Year

The new Islamic year has started,and Islamic year is not just going out,staying up all night partying,clubbing,firing cracks and having fun.Infact Islamic Year ends and starts with a Sacrifice,and the very 1st day of Islamic calender is 1st of Muharram on which the 2nd caliph of Islam,Umar R.A was martyred.May Allah bless his soul .
So with new year plans,we should make a list of things we have to sacrifice this year.There is lot of bad in us,Backbiting,slandering,Taking Interest,Harming innocent,and List goes on .So which of bad deeds are you sacrificing this year ? We must declare Jihad (Struggle) against our soul,desires,Lust,Ego,Anger and Inner Devil.
May Allah almighty guide the whole humanity .

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