Thursday, 5 December 2013

Time and your choice of wasting it.

Why we don't do what we are supposed to do and waste time?

I'm definitely the right person to answer this question for you. You know Why? Because I'm that lazy.

Are you also caught up in the lazy-web? Or have you ever been there but recovered eventually? What if you haven't really recovered but just being temporarily active?! Few more days to go and then whoosh! Your battery goes down. You stop being active or sane and dwell back into the pits of laziness?  Do you want help get better? First lets see which type are you.
  • Do you make plans , get excited about everything but then never do anything to make your ideas work?
  • Do you often think too much and do little?
  • Have you ever had a day when you were partially active and other times just lazy and down?
  • Do you really delay important stuff and waste time? 

If you have admitted just any of the above mentioned things, you are in trouble. And this is not a small trouble but a big one that would eventually grow louder and bigger until it has ripped you off your success chances and a decent career. How? It's eating your productivity and energy my friend. You are procrastinating and did you know that if you procrastinate to a higher degree, you eventually develop a chronic condition for procrastination which is a serious threat to your life? Procrastination is the thief of time!

Here are some points you need to ponder on, in order to fight and flight this situation of being a lazy person and wasting time.

Your problem is very simple. 
  1. You are distracted easily. 
  2. You involve yourself into multitasking and end up doing nothing.
  3. Most importantly, your priorities are not set right way. You are playing them up and down. 
  4. And its highly possible that you have a stress condition.

Many of us don't realize that being active doesn't mean you have to be a phantom and be able to do so many big things.
  1. Relax.
  2. Don't burden yourself.
  3. Have Mercy on your soul,Pal.
Try to focus on one thing at a time for a start. Get it finished. And enjoy it. But it doesn't mean you take advantage of one task goal and waste your remaining time leisurely. For example if you have an assignment on hand or something you need to do and you have 4-5 hours to do it easily. But you don't start doing it until 3 hours have ticked off. Instead, you decide to watch a movie you really wanted to see or it's just more interesting to watch a movie first and then get to the work. Ask yourself, is it really that important to watch the movie first or is it just an excuse to delay the handwork your assignment demands from you? Yes. You're just being a lazy and stupid person.  

Instead of watching the movie first, look at it this way. Tell yourself that you would first finish your work and then once you're mentally free from the work pressure,you will reward yourself with a movie time for working hard. There you have it! 
If it helps, try to set a time schedule for certain activities. Like I have recently developed and trained myself to blog at this hour of the day on daily basis.Or whenever needed. I do not blog in the evening or in the noon.I blog right after my breakfast so I can work on other things the rest of the day or just enjoy myself with Tom and Jerry cartoons. 

Do you have a story of your own to share about your lazy being? Drop your comment below. And remember, Living a life above Zero is not that difficult. You just have to set your priorities straight , do what makes you happy, don't waste time, surround yourself with people who encourage you and realize that you suffer from procrastination and need help from time to time, just a little push. 

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