Friday, 6 December 2013

Movie Review "Prisoners"

Movie Run time = 153 mins.
Movie has already won 7 awards.
Movie rating = 8.1
Movie Budget = $46 million
Movie Business = 

Starring : Hugh Jackman
                 Jake Gyllenhaal
                 Voila Davis
                 Paul Dano
                 Terrence Howard

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writer: Aaron Guzikowski

Prisoners is a crime,drama,suspense and Violent Type Film.Featuring Hugh Jackman as Mr.Dover and Jake Gyllenhaal as a Detective loki. Movie.Movie is Full of psychopaths and Murders.Its a kind of movie in which you are not sure of a Villain till end.And all the evil characters played their role well.Movie is just like 1995's Film "Se7en" featured Brad pitt,Morgan free man and  Kevin spacey.
Prisoners is movie about a team having a master mind,who kills innocent kids.
Even though Movie is a lengthy one but you wont get bore from it,Even though its one of a Violent kind film,but it doesn't involve any nude,sex and awkward scenes,its a Family film you can watch it with out siblings and parents.Mr.Dover is one of the main character of the movie,the Father of the one of the missing daughter,a protector and leader of his family,a responsible man,Having Faith in God,and he in despair asking help from God is really inspiring "Help me God,I'm relying on your almighty power and infinite mercies and Promises ,I hope to obtain promises of my sins" And in the ending scenes he quotes "God Almighty ,Protect my daughter".One of the best Quotation of the movie "Pray for the best,prepare for the worst "and One of the best play by hugh jackman as Mr.Dover is when he is torturing Alex (one of the bad guy) to get clues,he holds a hammer,and tries to hit it on Alex hand ,screaming"Tell me,tell me,tell me,tell me (then hits the hammer on the sink 3 thrice instead of hitting Alex hand) Tell me where is my daughter (and angrily hits the hammer into the wall) "I tell you must watch it if you haven't watched it yet,i just watched it and loved it.Btw its my 1st movie review ever on any blog.Have a happy weekend.
see ya soon ;)
Khude Paman (GoodBye )  

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