Sunday, 5 January 2014

Let's Learn about "Memory"

Today's post is going to be very informative and educational. Moreover, its going to help you better your learning and memorizing techniques for exams or anything major in life.

What is a Memory? 

Come on, take a moment, or a minute or two if you wish, and stop reading this for awhile to ponder what's a memory, how is it defined or can you define it with your perspective?


I said stop reading. 

Okay, let's learn the bookish definition of Memory and then you can decide how close you were.
Memory: is a process by which we encode, store and retrieve information.

Now let's dig further to understand this process.

Imagine you were asked to answer, how many layers does Earth has?
The possibilities are, either you'll answer right in the same minute because you have memorized it so well,or either you will begin to remember hard that what was the answer to it?

The process of Memory is basically based on three internal processes or stages. In order to remember something fully, a piece of information goes through 3 process.And this is what we already learned in the definition of memory itself.

Those stages are : 
1- Encoding
2- Storage
3- Retrieval 


That was simple, wasn't it? Lets take a look at a diagram of this to store it well in the memory.

But you're bit confused as to what encoding means. Don't worry. I'll explain it well.

You see, Encoding is the first stage and initial process in memory formation. It is the stage where information is received by the brain and  is made available to use for memory. 

Next comes, storage. Think of it like a hard drive,where you store data in a computer. Here,in this stage information is retained maintained and stored for retrieval which is the last and 3rd stage, upon which the whole memory depends. 

You want to remember something? In other words, it means you want to retrieve information from your brain (hard drive) that you entered in brain through encoding (typing into it). Retrieval is a process that brings the information you stored in your brain to your awareness so it can be used.

That was just the start for the big topic of Memory. We learned all the three parts that are involved in memory to understand the concept and this awesome phenomenon is our heads.

We learned Encoding, Storage and Retrieval.

But how does memory actually functions? How do we know that a piece of information is encoded or stored well? How do we remember something and what are the causes to failure in remembering something?

Let's do it in the next post. Till then, Encode this, store it well and be ready to retrieve it in the next post! ;)


P.S. The cool fact  : Blogging can help you alot in memorizing stuff. Like I am doing. I learned this just now, and immediately thought of blogging it so I can memorize the lesson on Memory well.
So blog it away! whatever you learn for exams. :)
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