Monday, 13 January 2014

This Decision vs That Decision

I feel like my heart is quite heavy and wants to sit down for awhile somewhere, where it's nice and quiet. Calm and not crowded.

Where there are absolutely no pressures.

I was supposed to be prepared by now for something. But I am not. Instead I have stopped being productive and I'm giving my heart reasons to shut down. Get a heart failure. Die. Or slowly fade away.

Should I avail this attempt? or Should I wait more and prepare for next attempt? Should I even take this plunge ?

I am having so many heart aches and so many blurry decisions.But then again, If Allah wills, I will be able to pass this test any day of my life. The only condition is. That I appear for the test prepared.
Yeah. Like the quote goes. Trust in Allah but tie your camel.

I wont be regretting or cursing myself then. I won't be hurting inside with stress then.

I must do istikhara...

May Allah help me and everyone who's going through same trouble. This decision vs that decision.

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