Thursday, 20 February 2014

Team "Me and Nana "

We call our maternal Grandfather "Nana" and my Nana has some great Qualities.He is very old,i wont tell you age,But he has a sea of knowledge Masha Allah.He has knowledge about Chemistry,Physics,Biology,Economics,Arabic,English,Farsi,Urdu,Punjabi,Maths and list goes on and on.When he is in mood,he will share his knowledge with you.Day before yesterday when i visited him.He started talking on "Tauheed (to believe,there is no God but Allah) " and then he was telling me things and i was noting them down in my cell phone.And he told me a Punjabi Poem about God.
      Jay Rab Milda
Jey Rab Milda Nahata Tohteya
Milda Machiyan Daddowan
(If God was found by doing ablution/Bath,
Fishes and Frogs would be Saints)
Jey Rab Milda Namazan Parhiya
Milda Molviyan,Chotiyan Motiyan khotiyan
(If God was to find by those who offer salat,
The imam of Masjid,fake Saints would have him)
Bhulleya Rab unha nu milda
Jenna di nijtaan Sachiyan
(Bhulleh Shah,Only those Find God/Allah
who are true in heart )
Note:Its a punjabi Poem by Baba Bulleh shah,im not good at punjabi,my Nana spoke every verse of it thrice to me and then translated it.So special thanks to Team "Me and Nana"
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