Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Why do you blog ?

Different people have different reasons for blogging. And as their reasons vary, so do their levels of love for the blog.
We love blogging for two main reasons.
1- Its a great therapy to let out our emotions on here which we otherwise cant mouth.
2- Because we love inspiring and socialising in a healthy way.
Other than these two reasons , our team of Khans can give you more good points, too. But lets skip that and jump to the importance of this question today.
Why do you blog? And why do you think people should read you ?
Blogging is a great way to not just give voice to your ideas but, it also transforms you as well as your readers.
Consider the blogging journey of Zen. Zen Habits is the widely read blog at the internet , it even has a wiki page. Now how's that! Its quite cool. Right?
The impact a  good blog can have on its readers lives is huge and massive. It can inspire them. Motivate them and do wonders. We believe, that if you have given anyone , even a single smile through your blog, you have succeeded.
As for the blogger, if he/she has got better at any skill or have matured in thinking through blogging, thats a transformation.
Learning by blogging is a great experience.  We hope you have a great experience as well.
Share with us, your purpose for blogging and your story. How much did you grow with your blog or helped anyone through it ? :)
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