Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Man who can't get married !

Money Money Money! Who doesn't want it? I know I do. But I don't want it in a way to abuse it. I want it to buy the things that make my life easy. Most importantly, I want it to get married. And that's the trouble.


I'm a young lad you see. Broke. Parents told me to earn if I want to get married. But Here I am, still studying. I don't like the way things turn out I mean, 

  1. you can't like a girl, 
  2. you can't fall in love 

And if you do, then oh man. you're dead. You can't get married young because you don't have stable income. I'm so jealous of all those youngsters who get married young and their family is the sponsor party. Or those Arab kids who pay their expenses from Government's pocket on being married. Wow. why don't we have those things in Pakistan?
I mean is it really necessary to get married at 30, 40 or 50????
Ugggh it's driving me insane. Why? Because it has become the biggest issue of our society. Youth is getting spoiled. Doing sins because their parents can't get them married. So they let them do sins.
That's not Islam.
So here's my open letter to the parents. (Even though I know they can't access it)

Dear Parents,My Pa and Ma

I'm high. Yes. I'm not shitting you. That's the way things are, you have to accept the fact that I have grown up and I have hormones, unlimited supply now. My religion isn't shy not to address this issue. It did give us a solution and that is to get married but You guys are not letting it happen. Why? Oh why must you tell me to control myself when you know I am created weak? Do I look like a superman here? Or a spiderman who has no signs of passion on his boring face and funny outfit? Please consider my feelings, mi-lords. I can't bear to watch my friends or cousins getting married while I have to suffice with the concept of Hooras waiting for me in the next world. :( All the girls I like end up calling me bro. All the future babies I imagine in head end up being bored. Let them have a chance of becoming real? 
Plus I can't earn just yet, because you made me pursue this big degree. So as good parents, who understand my situation, and respect my heart, and also most importantly believe in religion, please sponsor my wedding
-__- or I would soon go mad or develop some serious health problem as I can't fast 365 days a year.
So hear me , my biological parents! And let me have the chance to complete my deen. That's life above zero. A life where I am at mental and physical peace. 
Get me married, and I'll make sure you get to play with a lot of grandchildren.(after few years I mean, when I am earning on my own) 

Your lovely son (shehzada)
Peace out! 

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