Thursday, 6 March 2014

When dreams fall apart - Get up and fight ! You're Alive!

Failure is a part of life. I know this line sounds disturbing and you resent it as much as I do but I won't erase back these words. We need to accept it, learn it for future reference and love it so much that it chokes.
Nobody likes to fail at things. Whether it’s an exam or something like a bet with a kid. You want to nail it the best way. I'm sure many of us even day dream about the impossible looking success stories. Who doesn't. It's what keeps us moving. It's what keeps us motivated and go on in this cruel unpredictable world.  Now imagine, all your motivation was taken away by one swift strike of failure. The positivity that is naturally instilled in us simply disappears, it evaporates out of your body. You're an educated person , young maybe or maybe not but quite the person who had the absolute certainty at some point in his/her life that yeaaah! I would become somebody or do something big in life. You believed it so much that even your family began to expect something big out of you. Like you're destined to do great things. So you grow up fast, plan your life well , educate yourself well , do everything upto Par but then nonsense happens. 
You're not there yet. In fact as every dawn approaches, you're quite sure you're a big failure in both the worlds. And you're going to die just like that. An ordinary person. 
How do you move on well with it then? Would it not choke you each day each night ? I find myself very disturbed when my life is imbalanced at any point and I can't stop being sad inside. The result? That sadness begins to dull me more. Because it is based on factual details. That I have failed-- when I least expected or wished it. 
Enough of this drama! I say. It's time to make a punching bag out of sorrows and hit it hard. Just smash it with your might.
You're Alive!

Say you’re alive! You're not dead. Lord Almighty is watching over you.  Strive well. Fight! Fight with the negativity like hell and never stop.
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