Monday, 12 November 2012

The PlayBoy Next Door.

Remember the days when we used to know love exists ? I used to be so curious that how you can feel so many emotions , literally the whole library of emotions for one person of opposite sex ? Like Rapunzel had this dude she could totally feel all of this for , the savior who rescued her from her tower. Well let me elaborate it.

As a girl, I grew up watching alot of fairy tales. Cause my mum is big time fairy tale freak. so they gave me title of Rapunzel at home. My mum is Cinderella, yeah i know its really stupid but that's how it goes at my home. My lil cousin is Ben 10. Imagine this. So as time went by I found myself in similarity with Rapunzel . How ?  She had long long hair. I have long long too. She had a tower.

Mmm I didn't have a tower but my room is 2 stairs up from the ground so I guess that pretty much makes it a tower and not to forget the awesome window I have got . Her opened up to a big field, mine merely opens up to veranda but anyhow I liked to imagine it opened up to another world. The only problem was, I had a pretty good mother. And Rapunzel's fake mother sucked big time.

But cause I also stayed in my room all the time like her as nobody understands me (voice of every person from toddler to adult) so i guess that pretty much made me a Rapunzel.

And oh my God! when Disney released "Tangled" and they had this lanterns scene introduced in it. My goodness, was I thrilled or what? My expression was exactly like this in the picture below.

Cause when I was a child, I developed this insane interest in astronomy. Then I got a camera to take lots of pictures of moon , then I wanted to buy a telescope and till to date am saving up money for that so I can gaze ridiculously at those shiny objects in the sky.

So anyhow, star gazing was and still is my favourite past time at night and somehow along the way I wanted to enjoy it with someone. Lie down our backs , eyes darted on the skies and I Tell him look, that's the venus star , they all say its so pretty and sexy but I saw it on national geographic that it actually is quite horrible in real. There are alot of violent gases and thunder storms on that rock and did u really know its just a big fat un even rock and bla blu..*and he listens adorably as if he really is understanding me and enjoying*

And when the world gets bad, my saviour would back me up and I don't have to hold a frying pan to protect me and him.

This kind of love Its real and beautiful and so damn liberating that you wanted to grow up so fast , fall in love , go away with him to the end of the world and eat pop corns.. watch the starry sky , a water fall somewhere maybe , plan future together, have babies together, have him / her as your one and only personal punching bag when mad and soft pillow when sleepy.

Well - its all shit.

I used to write words on love on both between humans and between God and Human.  love  used to sound real. And Its a beautiful magical spiritual healing feeling, but as time went by, I realised, its real only beyond the fields where humans do not exist. 

I could never imagine myself writing a post on this mainly because I had no idea about the tricks and games men play out there with women who are literally naive  But voila! After an intensive Research and lived experiences, I am now a Phd degree holder on the very delicate subject of "Feelings-toyed-by-Men-Online".

Yes, you read that right. ONLINE! Just like there are bad girls out there , There are men lurking on Ethernet at every corner anticipating a prey to come there way. And interestingly, there are various degrees of their dedication and passion.

to be continued

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