Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sanctuary part 2

"There's a place where nobody goes. Would you dare yourself to take me there?",   She closed her eyes in sheer embarrassment as soon as her thoughts escaped her lips. He wasn't the only one left surprised by her daring question, she was equally aghast. Why in the world did I just say it so out loud... a sickening feeling punched her cardiac walls. She turned towards him, slowly to catch a glimpse of his reaction , Please God I hope he didn't hear it! escaped a silent prayer from her heart. She saw him watching her turning towards him: as the devoted moon rolls slowly onto the bed of night towards the one and only devoted sun. As it folds into his arms in hope of bright beautiful tomorrow, as it is just meant to roll over to that beloved for more and more devoted nights to come... So did she... Naturally.
She was turning towards him.
She noticed that he had noticed it alright. But why isnt he saying anything then?  say something, love. say something!!!
A feeling tore her stomach out... just ask me where I wanna go.. His silence made her suffer. Would it kill you to ask me you clueless man just ask're making me sad. 
she gazed at him in utter hope that followed disappointment. She found him untouched. He didn't feel a thing, she realised and tried to smile. Not wanting to let him know her heart had betrayed her. Not wanting him to know that as much as she wanted to run away from there at the moment , escape this terrible confession and never talk to him again and suffer, she needed to know his answer as well. She needed a sanctuary of his heart right then and there. Sanctuary of this possible sun. Her sun that sometimes burned her to death with mistakes that alone could she feel and suffer. sometimes warmed up her heart , with care that alone he could shower upon her. That strange strange tango of emotions, Like he was doing Now!
Slowly, daring his heart to accept what was happening to him, he turned his face towards her, and held her in eyes.
All those moments between us couldn't be just an illusion. A hope welled up in her heart. She smiled.
He was nothing like she had ever imagined.
She was nothing like he had ever imagined.
Not painfully handsome yet painfully handsome. Not painfully closer but painfully attached to her.
like a sun. Yeah. Like a sun.

(Written long ago after the first post but saved as a draft. Posting it now)

 heavenly conspiracy after all. 
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