Monday, 31 December 2012

Twinkle twinkle little star

Thousand billion galaxies out there, hundreds of light years and clusters and clusters of perfect stars strangely attached to each other in the whirl of universe., " How they have perfect harmony.." she whispered to Him in silence, looking at the black sky above, flooded with love of the cosmic energies. His created energies..
"How they have perfect love for each other, my Lord.." she wondered again and again. A thought occurred to her mind. This was seriously outrageous..
I wish to file a complaint in Your  Court..

One star... two star... three..

Look how you have woven them together. They make, they break but for each other.  The sun , the moon.. they are so in harmony with each other. So much chaos in the universe yet so much pattern. True love of the energies for each other. Order. Peace. Dedication. That no matter what! the sun would be the one to ignite moon at night. 
That no matter what, no other object would take its place.

And what do we get ? What did I get ?

Free will. but no such miracle.

Take away my free will then if you wish, but give me such harmony and bind me with a star. Let its energy be mine, mine, his. But give me one true love.

God heard her.
Beyond her belief, blessed her. And she found her star. to live with, in peace and perfect harmony forever. Him.

...and She continued to belong to Him...
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