Monday, 7 January 2013

When two realities collide

A sudden switch from darkness to light. Her dream shifted.
She now walked nice the long bridge, crossing it over in a second, to reach someone at the other side. To someone she belonged. Someone who awaited her. Someone who was in darkness just awhile ago. Sunlight everywhere. An aura of protection. Wheat fields around.. He, working. He was totally different. Totally hers.

She, smiled. He, asked. She, said. He, hugged. She smiled more. He held more.
She was his salvation. He was her home.  "Together we will make it." , an aura of protection and belonging spread across and far.
They were betrothed to each other. They were allowed to be this way.

1 star .. 2 .. star .. 3 ..

A pull from another world slowly jerked her back to her realm! She woke up with a start. She was smiling. Her dreams were the future that always collided with the present and the past. Alas! Then Realising what she had actually seen, the smile vanished from her face but those vivid images from her dream: the sunlight, the feelings of belonging drugged her mind. she sat straight on bed, not sure of anything. How could I dream this... she mumbled in half shame half agony..half sad half happy..

Her two worlds were at total odds. "Here, you're different. There, you're mine. So mine" , and a tear rolled down her cheek. God has His ways with her. Strange ways. She alone, knows. Sometimes, she knows not.
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