Sunday, 29 December 2013

10 Awkward things that Pakistani Do

After writing a Post "10 things that Pakistani Parents do " it hit my mind to share more about us and this time I'm telling you about "awkward things that Pakistani People do"

1.If there is some one leaving the city or arriving,We will bring our family,Neighbors in fact every one we know in the city,We will take them to the airport to say "Good bye".It happens here a lot when some one goes  to Saudia Arab for pilgrimage,we will bring whole "tabbar (flock)" to say them good riddance.

2.Doctor who? catch a cold,got a fever,having a headache,a pain in body we do treatment our selves,Take medicines with out any prescription.And when the shit gets serious,or reaches to its final stages just call the doctor.

3.If Some one invites you at a wedding,You wont go there alone,here invitation means a free pass for the whole family which includes,You,Dad,Mom,Siblings,Uncle and his family,Grand father and Grand mother along with a few neighbors.

4.Hunger games ? just go to a Pakistani wedding and wait for the food,just soon as the food is placed on the table every one attacks at it like a warrior.

5.You are also given food on funerals,and you are served with "beryani, Palao,Halwa,Sharbat and Kahwa" for almost 40 days and the difference between wedding and funeral is,in Funeral you are not served with cold drinks.

6.If you have something to clean,like cleaning a window,shoe,wall,carpet or anything we will always use a dirty,torn and wornout cloths for it and will never use a clean cloth to clean the thing.

7.You don't need to be plus 18 to buy a Cigarette ,or to drive a car,or to buy Gta V.You just need money to buy them.

8.Ever fail a test,or just don't do your homework,and Your teacher will beat you like you are having your marshal arts class.

9.Want to Win elections ? just give free food on your election compaings and after the win is yours,No one is going to ask you about the promises that you made before the elections.

10.We do have word punctuality in our dictionaries that we buy but we never bother to read it and apply it.Where ever we go,we will reach there Late .

Pakistani People are awkward,and can be made fool easily.But They just one thing good,they have warm hearts.
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