Friday, 27 December 2013

10 things That Pakistani Parents do

If you have Asian parents that too Pakistani , you can understand where this post is going. Its going where your mama and papa wouldn't like it at all-- definitely because its going to spill the beans. Like this lady did on her blogspot 10 Things That Arab Parents do. I loved this post so much that I decided to drag Pakistani parents onto blogspot as well and make them famous.

Lets talk about Dads first. 
1- He's the boss at home. Even if he doesn't earn.

2- His shoes is the law and order lightening bolt.

3- Don't you dare fail the exams. His shoes will change the shape of your face.

4- Hand him a cell fone that too android. Either He will not understand it or simply install Facebook and fall in love at online. Your mom would kill you then.

5- Asking him for money is pointless. He's going to investigate you for at least 24 hours before handing you Rs 10 only.

Is there anything you would like to add from your unique set of Pakistani parents? Don't hesitate. Your mom won't read it, or dad.

Things that Pakistani Moms do
1- She can slap you, drag you, and slap you more but if any Aunty dares slap you, HER child at a party (secretly). She appears like a ninja and kills like a ninja too.

2- Don't you dare refuse to eat the paratha (that gol round roti with lots of oil on it) she makes you for lunch to take with you to your University. The consequences could be severe.

3- Beware! Don't get her a cell. If you do,  You're supposed to readout every single text she gets at her cell fone.

4- Pakistani parents make you learn English just to speak with Americans on roads and show off in front of relatives. Be prepared to get a slap if you dare use English to converse with your own parents, especially with your mom.

5- She reserves the right to suddenly scold you and humiliate you in front of your own friends. Get used to it.

The End.

P.S. They love their kids immensely and let them live with them as long as they wish. Unlike the Western Parents who kick their kids out, eventually. :D
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