Thursday, 26 December 2013

Best Blog Headers of the Year

Another masthead. Another fresh look for the blog.

So I decided to change the masthead again. White and black days were over. It was time to introduce some colors to the blog header. And a wink! 

Yellow and blue seem like a good idea, no?

The editing part was very easy but since I have decided to write a proper post on this, let me take this opportunity to talk about some blog headers which I came to admire alot this year.

What I like about this header is its simplicity and the astounding powerful logo. It says it all, doesn't it? so chic for me.

Another simple yet so elegant header. I like the way it stands there so mighty and huge. Capital letters with sophisticated font. Perfect. No image needed.

A very colorful and creative header. I must say this vibrant header catches your eye. Sophisticated and chic. 

What are you favorite headers on the blogosphere?

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