Tuesday, 10 December 2013

We are sorry Adam

Dear Dad Adam (A.S) may Peace be upon you,as you were the 1st human being ever and the 1st Prophet ever.You lived your life well,and you must be in heaven In comfort.But Knowing our situation,our Deeds,Our actions you must be really Ashamed of us.
We have no idea that how much it hurts you to know that today Humans are killing humans,we are our Own enemies.Millions die each day in war.We have totally forgotten that we are all your sons and daughters.People are dying in Plasticine,Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan,Egypt,Syria, and name the place your own sons and Daughters are dying in bomb blasts,drone attacks etc.World war has become a normal thing.God bestowed us with the knowledge but we used that knowledge and in world war 2 and killed millions just by one nuclear blast.And this is what Angels said to God before you were created ,

""Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?" Allah said, "Indeed, I know that which you do not know."  chapter 2,verse 30 from Quran.

Before your Soul was placed into your Body,Sheetan declared his hatred against you,and he made a promise to God that he will deceive Mankind. But how shocking it is to know,that today our own sons are making Friendship with the same Sheetan who clearly is our enemy.Some of us worship the same devil and sell their souls to devil rather than worshiping the one who created us.
It was Sheetan who Took heaven away from you,and this Earth was given to us as punishment because of Sheetan,but we have forgotten everything,and now we don't even believe in the day of  judgement,and this world which was given to us as a prison, we think of it as a place of entertainment,which surely is examination hall for us.
Not Just that Dad,When you disobeyed God in heaven by eating that forbidden fruit,you were taken away cloths as a punishment,but Now We take pleasure in what was your punishment,We go naked everywhere,We make Porn movies,Porn magazines,and Just living the life of sex and drugs.And Our mother Eve (Peace be upon her) must also be hiding her face because of shame to know her daughters find happiness in walking naked on the roads,going topless on the beech,selling their body,becoming prostitutes.
Its just not ends here Dad,You were in heaven alone,and then you asked to God for a partner and he gave you a partner and completed your life Through a women "Eve" as our mother,But you will be shocked to know that we humans have spent centuries debating "Women is not even a soul" she was given the worst status of all.And in many religions she is still not treated as a soul.Dear Adam (A.S) ,Dear Dad,We are sorry that we are not sorry any more.We have forgotten who we are,while God made us the best of creation and made us his viceroy on earth,but now we are worst then animals.May we find our lost status again,know our values again,our moral again and start living our lives the way you lived.May God guide us the way he guided you and we humans stop making bloodshed on earth and stop obeying Sheetan the one who is our enemy.
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