Thursday, 19 December 2013

Soldier Lee Rigby

Lee's mum Lyn & step dad Ian said in their interview that they do not blame religion for what had happened but said very logically instead that their son's killers had used religion, as an "excuse" for their actions. 

This is apropos to the news of a UK police officer , Lee , killed by two men who identify themselves as Muslims.
I am a Muslim and I believe in Jihad but I also know Jihad calls you to patience first. It demands from you perseverance and if a Muslim should fight, he must fight with a justified cause. A number of innocents are dying by drone strikes in Pakistan at the hands of US. Many are dying else where. To say , this murder was a retaliation an act of taking revenge on the basis of eye for an eye law, would seem harsh.

you cant tell a person he's doing wrong by doing another wrong thing.

What happened to Lee was tragic. It is not what Islam preaches. Had it been the ways of Muslims, Then many of those Muslims dying in Palestine today by Jews would have flown to other countries instead and started killing Non Muslims. But No. They are being patient. When the Tanks attack. The kids either just throw stones or get buried under it.

Mufti Menk tweeted something just a few minutes ago and I could relate his words with this news piece. He said and I quote, "No matter how troubled the world may be, always look for ways of making peace with yourself and others, incline towards it and live by it."

I personally believe that kill -- Islam does not endorse. Islam preaches humanity. True Soldiers of Allah are reasonable and logical beings. Had it been a battlefield and then there those men would have killed him I would have said its justified. But right now it feels just the opposite. Its like, you killed my aunt so am going to kill your uncle now.

Like Crusaders were the worst version of Christians, some Muslims today are like that. Taliban..
My sympathies to the family of Lee. And My prayers with entire world. May we all learn to live with peace.

P.S. Dear USA. Be done with your drone strikes. Its igniting affliction everywhere in the world and giving birth to people who are becoming immune to bloodshed.
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