Saturday, 21 December 2013

To Athiets with Love Part 2

9.In Surah Al-Asar(Chapter 103) 1st verse “(I swear) by the Time, (1) Man is in a state of loss indeed,(2)“ I study Electrical engineering and every thing that I see in Modeling involving differential equation, involves a independent variable called “Time “ .Every equation in Physics has time in it.Velocity,acceleration,Current,Voltage,Power,Force and almost every equation,every law that I have studied in physics involves a Independent variable time. 
10. If they ask you what does “Quran says about stars “ an Athesit also asked me this question and that time I didn’t  think about Stars in Quran,I searched and there are 13 places in Quran which stalks about stars,but uptill now I have studied 2. 
a.In Surah At-Tariq starting verse “I swear by the sky and by the Night-Comer,__ (1) And what can make you know what is the night comer?(2) It is the piercing star –(3)”

 b. Surah An-Najm (Chapter 53) 1st verse “By the star when it descends,” it is a very strong verse,im not a astronomist,and now because of this verse I want to study or if some one knows about stars can explain what does it mean by this verse . or either Science hasent advance now at this stage to explain this.

Logical Proof .

Well they believe in science,Still they will not Belief with all the clear proofs that how all this scientific things are explained in Quran 1400 years ago.So talk to them in their own language. Just explain them,Everything in this world comes from a creator,nothing creates it self ,nothing comes into existence automatically,there will always be a creator.A car doesn’t build by it self.a House doesn’t come automatically,A mobile didn’t come by itself and list goes on.They say no One created the earth,science tells this it comes from a Big bang theory .Quran explains this too,but ok you say Big bang theory was the reason for the Universe but who made it happen ? big bang theory didnit occur automatically, and They donot belief in scriptures and the 1st human being Prophet Adam A.S,they will say man came from the monkey.So ask them ok man came from monkey but Monkey didn’t come by it self.there must be a 1st monkey, or a group of monkeys but they did not come by it self? Everything needs a Force .Didnt you study Newton laws of motion ? “F=MA” . To move a thing,or to intend to move it force is required.Big bang theory didnit occur by Itself, there was a Force who made it occur. Hooks Law ,explains the energy stored in a spring “ H=-FX “ it involves a Force.

      The circular motion of everything Involves a “centripetal Force “. The free falling objects has a Force of gravity on them as G=9.81 m/sec2. The Columbs law,the Gravtional law of earth and everything you study involves a Force.A current which I study daily “Electrical engineering” ,comes from a Moving electron.But a electron doesn’t move by it self.A Force is required to move it and it is called “Voltage /Potential Difference “ . A capacitor stores Electrical energy if it is placed in a electrical field by the equation “Q=CV “ so voltage ,force is required there too. Inductor that stores the magnetic energy requires the Force . And the List goes on. 
You can also Explain ALLAH from the laws of “Conversation of Energy and Conversation of Mass”  Which says “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transformed into other forms” and so is Mass” It can neither be creator nor be destroyed during a chemical reaction “ the 1st law of chemistry.And just like these laws ,”ALLAH can neither be created nor be Destroyed “ there was nothing before ALLAH(God) and no one can destroy him.
Once a Friend said Muslims and Athesit have just a slight difference which makes the Big difference.Athesit says “there is No God” and a Muslim says “There is no God but ALLAH “ .
Athesit is like a Ostrich.If a Ostrich sees a Lion or a Danger it closes its eyes or puts it heads into the ground,but closing eyes doesn’t mean the lion or danger has gone.It is there right there.So if you donot Belief with all the clear Proofs of Existence of “ALLAH “ closing of your eyes doesn’t mean there was no God. 
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