Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Playboy Next Door Part 2

"I am not a playboy", said a play boy.

Type 1 -  An open Flirt. Lets say he's a junior version of a monster play boy who likes to indulge himself with various women on Internet at the same time. You would find this type throwing compliments at ladies here and there, making promises here and there and you know the typical flirt stuff. Happy go lucky usually. And not the right type for you if you believe in loving someone sincerely. They dig for chicks. They may say they care but you know they don't and they don't even make the effort to stress the point. Its like they laugh "haha I care" and when you say no, you don't. Their response would be "haha okay". See ? They know they are flirting and they enjoy the fact that you also know this. They seek true love but don't know how to deserve it.

Type 2 - Ladies man. This is another medium level of a play boy/flirt with an exception of lesser degree of passion and more degree of "I-want-women-around-me" type cause its exciting. They are friendly, nice and would like to have every female on earth in their friend list especially if she's hot and easy to deal with. They want love but complaint they can't find one.  Plus guys like to have interesting conversations, its not necessary whether it holds a value or not, but as long as you are having fun with them they will never throw you out of your friend list. Yes, they have categories of women in life and They keep switching between girls. Whoever is ready hot and available for a funny little chat. if you are upsetting him too much or boring? He will say you bye gotta go and go have a perfectly relaxing conversation with another girl to put him in good mood. They too dig for chicks. Yes, am not shitting you.. and they tend to show they care (of course) but they don't. However, they spend a little amount of time sincerely to fit an idea in your mind that you alone are the one they care for yet they mind publicly acknowledging it. Getting my point?Don't be fooled. If he has spent sleepless nights talking to you, he is doing it with many others out there as a routine as well ..

Type 3 -  Now, Ladies and Ladies, Behold the third type which is lethal of all and the master of all. The Real Play boy / JERK! This is the real deal that can turn your world upside down and mess your life in the real sense. Yes, be afraid of them. Why? Cause they don't just toy with your feelings. They have a aim to toy with your life...cripple you down .. and break that heart of your into million pieces to satisfy their ego...and ruin yours. This is something of a serious mental disease and I am going to tell you why and how they do it. They are the most sharpest men out there shrouded in clothes of decency. And what makes it worse is the fact that they choose to do it online.

Why do they all do it online?

In every combat between the two opponents, its the utmost priority of each to have the battle in the arena which suits them the most. Like armies look for geographically strategic locations to have their camps on where they can have easy access to water etc, a play boy would also like to have a comfort zone for his own safety and advantage. Internet gives him that comfort zone. A cyber world where he can fake himself easily , play mind games to fullest and have an easy exit whenever he wants . All he has to do is terminate his ID or block you off.

His Reasons to play with your Heart 

All of these reasons to do not make any sense and are cruel ones but yet, its his bible.

- Because someone broke his heart long ago. A playboy is of course also a human and have the psychological patterns which explains his actions and decisions in life. Im not trying to convince you that you should feel sorry for him and allow him to make your heart his playground. All am doing is trying to make sense out of his non sense. He loved someone long ago and that someone left him on the altar or broke his heart maybe never reciprocated his feeling or something. It was such a huge impact on his life that he decided to take the wrong turn and break the heart of every girl out there into million pieces for revenge.. Does it make sense ? No. But to him it does cause he is cruel.

Crazy Psychopath who hates the opposite gender for no reason and can't stand ambitious women. 

It gives him satisfaction. Sheer satisfaction. It gives him something to do. It helps him forget his worries of life. Or maybe the love of his life. Makes no sense still.

Its addiction. Its drugs. Its hormones. Women / talk of sex / Cyber heaven of chicks excites. Being young means this shit to him.

- Because he can do it only on Internet. this is one of the many reasons why they do it online. Many men have no girl or access to a girl in real life , the reasons could be various. Parents check, strict environment, a constipated mind, women don't like him cause he's ugly looking or simply because Internet flirt is  way cheaper than the real one. It costs money to wow a woman live. Why bother then if its available on net ?

- You are a challenge or the sister of his enemy. Something interesting he would like to treasure for awhile...

There are many reasons in the brain of a play boy. And he finds each one of them justified in his own world. Its either because he has shut down that humanity inside his heart or the love part where you feel things. Whatever the reason, its wrong he knows but he would never admit it. He's satisfied with his heart being blackened. His logic is, "If she's a slut, she deserves this. If she's a good girl, she must get a lesson for free."

All of it doesn't make any sense. But to sum it up. He is emotionally and morally unavailable, either afraid or sick of commitments.
Dear girls... just come out of illusions and fantasy..

But still, maybe...just maybe, there could be many out there who hasn't let the devil inside them win over completely. Maybe they feel its wrong and they battling themselves to drop it ?

I pray they see the light... And the fog gets lifted..

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